Fire Emblem’s final wave of DLC known as “Fell Xenologue” is being released in just a couple weeks. This wave will introduce a parallel world in which mirror versions of familiar characters exist. Ahead of its release, the Japanese Fire Emblem account on Twitter has shared a couple of clips of cut scenes featuring dialogue and story info. (The clips are in Japanese, but some context can still be gleaned by English speakers.)

The first clip features Alear speaking with an alternate version of Zelestia, as she explains to him what the Four Wings are. The tweet roughly translates to ““Four Wings” is a group of knights formed to protect Nel and Nil. It looks like something familiar, but…?”

The second clip features Celine talking to Alfred in a heated tone. This tweet translates to something like “Alfred and Celine in this world seem to be in a frenzy for some reason.”

To uncover exactly what’s going on here, you’ll have to play through this story for yourself when it comes out. Wave 4 of Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC, “Fell Xenologue” will be available on April 5, 2023.

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