Jack was living his best life as a videogame character when one day the King of Taxes raised everyone’s taxes through the roof!He simply cannot stand for this, so he’s going to punch that nasty old king right in the nose, but some pesky pocket dimensions full of puzzles keep getting in the way! (Little did the King of Taxes know, this is exactly what Jack wanted.)

Magnet Jack is an action-oriented puzzle-platformer. It has a fast-changing assortment of wacky mechanics that’ll make you think and challenge your reflexes. Has a top-down overworld with off-the-wall themes and characters. Alright!

The overworld is similar to good ol’ Super Mario Bros. 3. YOU KNOW THE ONE. Clear stages to unlock paths. Visit character houses, ride boats, fight bosses, find secrets? YOU BETCHA!!

Interested in checking this one out? While we don’t know the figure just yet, there will be a stretch goal for bringing Magnet Jack to Switch. Of course, that’s only going to happen if the base goal is hit, which sits at $8k. You can check out the Kickstarter and help the game reach that goal through this link.

UPDATE: Following a successful Kickstarter, Magnet Jack will indeed see release on Switch. We don’t know a release date at this time, but we’ll keep track of the project and bring you any/all details that come our way.

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1y ago

Hey! Dev here!

Thank you SO MUCH for this. It is SO HARD to get anyone to care about a puzzle platformer these days. 😂
Especially one without a typical hero or story or what have you, so thank you so so much!
Cheers, and if anyone has questions please ask. 🙂