Metroid Prime Remastered was released on Switch earlier this year to great acclaim. Unfortunately, the former Retro Studios developers who worked on the game found something to be unhappy with - the fact that they were not featured in the credits for all of their work on the original Metroid Prime. Instead, only the staff that helped put together the remastered version are mentioned.

In a new video from KIWI TALKZ, Metroid Prime’s Lead Technical Engineer Jack Mathews gives his thoughts on this omission, and he strongly believes that the original team deserves to be credited. About the code that exists in the remastered version of the game, he says, “All the design, scripting, AI code, UI code, even… Almost all that code is wholesale exactly as it was.”

Mathews says he’d like to see Nintendo implement the original credits through a simple patch, possibly as an unlockable feature that appears on the menu after beating the game. So far, Nintendo has not commented on the possibility of this happening, but we’ll keep waiting. Watch the video above to hear Mathews’ full thoughts on the matter.

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