Rain World’s upcoming Downpour DLC has been confirmed for release on Switch, though we’re still waiting to hear on an exact release date. In the meantime, talked to development team VIDEOCULT about the origins and gameplay of Downpour. As it turns out, the DLC’s new co-op mode was partially inspired by a Nintendo franchise:

The co-op was planned but never finished in the base game. I really wanted my friends to play the game, but I knew they wouldn’t enjoy it alone due to how harsh Rain World could be. I was inspired by New Super Mario Bros since it has one-screen 2D platform co-op. The most difficult task was the “easy difficulty” mode, funnily enough. The game was programmed to expect the first player always to exist, and in this mode, players 2-4 can continue playing and saving in the next checkpoint even when the main player dies. So, this is what gave me the most headaches.


The New Super Mario Bros. series is known for its co-op multiplayer gameplay, and it’s definitely friendlier and more approachable than Rain World. It sounds like the developers may have taken some cues from there for this new DLC, including the easier “Safari Mode” to help balance out the level of challenge on offer.

Click here to read the full interview and learn more about Rain World: Downpour’s slugcat abilities and other new features. Stay tuned for a release date confirmation.

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