A recent bout of datamining has revealed some potential upcoming info for the mobile game Mario Kart Tour, thanks to Mario Kart Tour News and @koopavocelot on Twitter. The new assets uncovered are a series of in-game badges which can be acquired in game featuring various karts and icons. You can view them all above.

The most significant part of this discovery is the badge in the top left corner, which appears to be the wing of a Paratroopa. This would be a strong indication that Paratroopa is going to be added to Mario Kart Tour as a playable racer. Previously, Paratroopa was playable in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on the GameCube, but he hasn’t appeared in another entry since then.

These assets may not necessarily make it into the game, so take this with a grain of salt. If you’re a Paratroopa fan however, you may have something to get excited about here! We’ll keep watching for an official announcement.

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1y ago

Not that I particularly care about what characters are coming to Tour, but I think datamined content should be treated the same as spoiler content.

That's my two cents at least, I've had plenty of other reveals spoiled for me because there was some text data left behind in a game file months before it's official announcement.