Super Nintendo World opened its brand new Feature Presentation merch shop last week at Universal Studios Hollywood, and it’s chock full of goodies! Now that various fans and outlets have had a chance to visit the store for themselves, we’re getting some more in-depth looks at exactly what’s inside. Theme park blog Laughing Place has put together a photo tour, covering the entrance, decor and merchandise on display.

One thing you’ll be able to find for sale is a selection of Mario Kart themed shirts. This makes sense, since Super Nintendo World’s premiere ride will be Mario Kart themed once it finally opens. Of course, there are also toys, playsets, plushes, and even Nintendo themed chocolate bars. This is just a taste of the kind of merch we can hope to see once the full park opens up to the public in 2023. Click over the Laughing Place to take the complete photo tour, or see above for a selection of images.

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2y ago

There's just too much good stuff. There goes christmas savings next year.


2y ago


Yeah, I could definitely see myself spending way too much here.