We’ve known for decades now that Nintendo was inspired by, among many things, Twin Peaks when they created The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Nintendo’s developers have shared this fact numerous times over the years, but today we learn the connection goes even deeper.

While most know Twin Peaks as the brainchild of David Lynch, it’s just as much a creation of Mark Frost as well. Frost was involved with all three seasons of Twin Peaks, as well as the Fire Walk with Me movie. Now, thanks to a tweet from Frost himself, we know that he actually met with Nintendo over Link’s Awakening.

Frost took to Twitter to comment on a tweet detailing how Link’s Awakening was inspired by Twin Peaks. This is where we learn that Frost actually met with Nintendo to discuss ideas for Link’s Awakening! We don’t know the topics that were discussed or the length of his involvement, but this is the very first time we find out the connection goes deeper than a tribute.

Hopefully Frost shares some more insight into his discussions with Nintendo, as there’s no doubt all kinds of interesting details to glean!

Thanks to NinTimDo for the heads up!

UPDATE: 10 months after his initial comments, Frost has had a chat with The Verge where he shares more insight about his meeting with Nintendo.

“They were talking to me about a Twin Peaks game, and they mentioned Zelda at the time. They said, ‘One of the things we love about your show is how there’s all sorts of sideways associations that can drive the story forward.’ They asked me about that as they were thinking about expanding the Zelda universe. …I think I said, ‘Don’t be afraid to use dreamlike, Jungian symbolism. Things can connect thematically without having to connect concretely.’ It was things like that that I was urging them [to consider].”

[Mark Frost, Twin Peaks co-creator]

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Zelda, 11:30 AM, February 24. Entering Island of Koholint. Five miles south of the Hyrulian boarder, twelve miles west of the Termina line. Never seen so many cuccos in my life.


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The owls are not what they seem.