Pokémon Go has been making some big changes recently, and many fans are unhappy about them. Specifically, Niantic is limiting the use of the game’s Remote Raids which allowed players to complete raids from faraway locations. The upcoming Shadow Raids will require players to attend in person in order to get their benefits.

In response, fans put together the “HearUsNiantic movement” online, and Pokémon Go director Michael Steranka has finally commented on the controversy:

That was a very, very painful decision to make even for me. But when we look at sort of the overall health of the game, and the type of behaviors that remote raid passes were introducing, it just really didn’t align with the kind of experience we were trying to create. And I can honestly say even for me personally, it became sort of an unhealthy way to engage with the game. I would just sort of throw money at Poké Coins so that I can spam legendary raids as much as possible.

[Michael Steranka, Dot Esports]

Steranka asserts that remote raids made the game too easy and took away from the core experience they were originally intending. He also mentions that Legendary Pokémon are supposed to be “the epic epitome of all Pokémon content”, and therefore these changes will help them keep their high status.

Whether or not you agree with Niantic’s changes, they seem to be moving forward with them, for better or worse. Shadow Raids will premiere with a brand new Mewtwo raid battle on May 27, 2023.

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