A new project titled “The Game Wallet” aims to take the original Game Boy and make use of it for some decidedly more modern tech. Developer Joseph Schiarizzi of the cryptocurrency company Keyp is behind The Game Wallet, which will be sold as a physical Game Boy game cartridge. In the game, players will be able to complete quests in order to “generate mnemonic phrases” for crypto wallets and that can be saved and stored on the cartridge itself.

Schiarizzi’s core thesis behind this project is that because the Game Boy is completely offline, it will be an extremely secure storage device. Once the game is released, there will apparently be no firmware updates made. Instead, it is stated that any updates would come in the form of a “new game”.

How does this all work? According to the official site, The Game Wallet has “converted an open source assembly implementation of the sha256 hashing algorithm used to generate cryptographic seed phrases based on BIP-39 into GBAssembly, the language all GameBoy games are programmed in.”

However you feel about cryptocurrency in general, this is at least an interesting project from a technological standpoint. (It should go without saying that this isn’t officially endorsed by Nintendo in any way.) Click here for more information and to sign up for notifications when the cartridges start going on sale.

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