Wesk and CrazyGadget just developed the smallest Gamecube in the world, and surprisingly, it doesn’t rely on emulation.

Dubbed the GameCube Nano, this mod uses real Nintendo hardware to get the job done. Obviously there are certain things that don’t match up with an actual GameCube, like a working disc tray, but you’d be surprised at how functionally close to an original GameCube this creation is.

If you’re wondering how this modern marvel came to be, you can thank the guts of the Wii for making it possible! To get the full breakdown of the GameCube Nano’s creation, give the video above a watch.

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1y ago

Yes that is awesome! This is about getting it smaller. But why not try to make it bigger? And swap the GC discs for something like the 30 cm laser discs from the 90's :D

Seriously though the GC discs are among the most awesome things the GameCube has to offer I think. I think a few other awesome things are:
-Plug & play
-Super stripped operating system
-Its controller (and its 4 ports)
-Of course it's games
-And how it's offline oriented..
..So the console (and its games) cannot be corrupted by updates like today's tech!