3D platformer Protodroid DeLTA is now available on Nintendo Switch after its initial announcement three years ago. The game is the work of indie developer Adam Kareem who handled its development entirely by himself. In a new interview with, Kareem explains how the game was originally inspired by his other projects, specifically 3D Mega Man fan games.

“I was like, ‘Well, I’m spending hours, really just pouring so much of myself into this, that I should at least remove the barrier of wanting to go commercial with it, and just really, truly make it my own’. And so, that’s where Protodroid came from. It was like, ‘Okay, what are some ways that I can be inspired by the Mega Man thing?’

“It all sprung from that fan game. And I got confidence that that was the route to [take], because I put it up on, I put it up on Game Jolt, and it got a few thousand plays, and people just kept commenting, ‘This is fun! Oh, this is what [Mega Man] X7 should have been’. I got these proof points. I was like, ‘Okay, all the fan games you make, take this one, and now create a world of your own that you can then do whatever you want with’.”

[Adam Kareem,]

Sometimes if a company isn’t making the games you want to see, you have to make them yourself! That’s exactly what Adam Kareem did, and fans seem to be responding well.

Click here to read through the rest of the interview, in which Kareem discusses his history as a game developer, struggles with Kickstarter, and push for diversity in gaming. Then, you can check out Protodroid DeLTA for yourself via the Nintendo eShop.

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