Jirachi just recently got its own waffle, and now there’s are more new Jirachi themed menu items coming to official Pokémon Cafes in Japan. The big new addition is the Jirachi Sweets Set, which is made up of a few different items with a cute presentation. This includes some cake, ice cream, and cookie desserts all themed around Jirachi’s design and coloring.

In addition to the Sweets Set, you’ll also be able to get special Jirachi designs in your latte foam. It looks just like they’re resting at the top of their Pokéballs! But that’s not all - You’ll also be able to purchase a Jirachi themed placemat, dishes, and silverware separately. It’s a Jirachi bonanza!

Jirachi fans will be able to experience all of this at Pokémon Cafes in Japan beginning on July 1st, 2023.

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