Little Kitty, Big City is coming to Switch sometime in 2024. It’s an exploration/adventure game in which you play as… well, as a little kitty in a big city. In a new interview with Nintendo Everything, the game’s director Matt Wood talks about the game’s origins and inspirations.

One unique aesthetic choice that you might have noticed in the game’s trailers is the fact that none of the humans in the games have faces. Here, Wood explains how this visual quirk fits in with the game’s tone and intentions:

I wasn’t sure how it was going to land with other people, but the idea was that I wanted to show everything from the cat’s point of view. You’ll notice there’s no real words in the world or anything like that. But humans… the cats see us, I think for the most part, as objects, right? I mean, of course our cats see us as people, we’re real people. But when we’re feeding them or when they need something, we’re just things to them a lot of the time. So, I wanted to make the humans not be too recognizable as humans, so that it felt like from the cat’s point of view, you’re just dealing with “the thing” that acts a certain way or does a certain thing. I think also, the more features you put on a human face, the more people will be interested in that human as a character. Because the humans are just objects in the game, we wanted to represent them appropriately.

Who cares about humans? It’s all about the cats in Little Kitty, Big City!

Click here to read the full interview, which includes much more insight into the game’s design and how the developer feels about other animal-centric games like Stray. Little Kitty, Big City is coming to Switch sometime in early 2024.

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