Activision Blizzard reports decrease in Overwatch 2 players' spending and playtime

"engagement and player investment declined sequentially"

20 July 2023
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Activision Blizzard recently released their official financial results for the second quarter of 2023. There’s a lot to dig through here for anyone interested in video game finances, but one of the biggest surprises concerns Overwatch 2. Namely, there’s been a significant drop in both the amount of time fans have spent playing the game, and the amount of money they’ve been spending while doing so.

According to the report, “engagement and player investment in Overwatch 2 declined sequentially in the quarter, the Overwatch team is looking forward to the August 10 release of Overwatch 2: Invasion. This will be the largest seasonal update yet, planned to include new PVE Story Missions, a new game mode, and a new hero progression system as well as an additional hero.”

Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of criticisms from fans, ranging from cancelled content, to less player friendly grind requirements. Is this decrease in activity a result of those issues, or is this simply a standard drop down for a game that’s no longer a hot new release? It remains to be seen if the player base will bounce back with continued updates, or the game will see further decline in the future.

Click here to read the full in-depth report.


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