Pikmin x Gelato Pique loungewear launches in style at Nintendo NY

Comfort first, Bulborb protection second

02 August 2023
by quence 1

Do you love lounging around your home in soft, luxurious fabrics? Do you wish that you could display your love for Pikmin while taking part in said lounging? If so, you’re in luck, because Nintendo has partnered with Japanese clothing brand Gelato Pique to launch an entire line of Pikmin themed loungewear.

Last week, Nintendo held an official launch party for the debut of this new line at their Nintendo store in New York City. The event featured opportunities to check out the merchandise in person, try out Pikmin 4, and more.


If you’re unfamiliar with Gelato Pique designs, they are described by the company as “wearable dessert”. No, none of the clothing is intended to be eaten, but this description makes more sense if you’ve gotten the chance to go up close and personal with these outfits. Gelato Pique uses signature fabrics, which are exceedingly soft, light, and comfy. Their clothes are meant to be worn around the house after a long day, maybe while you’re kicking back, relaxing, and playing your Switch. In that sense, it does feel a bit like the “dessert” of clothing.

Also like dessert, this clothing line is definitely on the indulgent side, with items costing somewhere in the range of $50-$100 each. These aren’t something most people will be picking up on a whim while visiting Nintendo NY, but if you’re looking to treat yourself, you may be tempted.

Check out photos and descriptions of everything they had on offer at the launch event below:

Pikmin Hair Band - $50.80

Pikmin Room Slippers - $59.10

Both the hair bands and slippers come in three colors, each representing red, blue, and yellow Pikmin, respectively. (Sorry if you’re a fan of any other type of Pikmin. Only the original three appear on any of Gelato Pique’s merch.) While they don’t quite match the actual colors of the Pikmin in-game, the softer, more muted tones seem to make more sense with Gelato Pique’s relaxed style philosophy.

The hair bands are truly adorable, and might be my favorite things out of the entire lineup. Each color has its own flourish (leaf, bud, or flower), and allows you to feel just like a (not purple) Pikmin. They also feature three cute little embroidered Pikmin marching along the side.

The slippers come in three colors as well, and feature Pikmin and Gelato Pique branding. They’re open-toe, and I can confirm that they are indeed, very soft.


Pikmin Print Unisex T-shirt - $67.80

This is a sleepwear shirt, which once again features the Gelato Pique logo. This time, Pikmin are scurrying about lifting some of its letters to carry somewhere. Are they attempting to form the logo, or will they be taking these letters back to the ship? Let your imagination run wild.

I actually got to take this shirt home and experience its soft, stretchy fabric for myself. It’s very breathable, and feels great to sleep in without being too hot for summer. It comes in an off-white and a mint color.

Pikmin Lounge T-shirt - $63.60

Pikmin Sustainable Lounge Dress - $96.00

Both these items feature the same design - a repeating pattern of red, blue, and yellow Pikmin marching to the left, no doubt in search of valuable treasures or Bulborbs to annihilate. Both the t-shirt and the dress are made of the exact same material, so which one you prefer mostly comes down to how long you want it to be.

It’s worth noting at this point that most of these items, with the exception of the hair bands and the unisex t-shirt, are only available in women’s sizes. Sorry fellas, but this loungewear is (mostly) for the ladies!

Pikmin Smooth Ribbed Lounge Top - $97.30

Pikmin Smooth Ribbed Cardigan - $135.60

Here are two more items which share the same design, that being the three primary Pikmin standing straight and proud over the Gelato Pique logo. This might be the most obvious choice to display your Pikmin love, as there’s no hiding such a large image.

The design is on the front of the ribbed lounge top, and on the back of the cardigan. The cardigan also features five large buttons matching the Pikmin’s colors, which is a cute, playful touch.

Pikmin Smooth Rib Pajama Pants - $111.30

Pikmin Lounge Shorts - $63.60

Of course, you’ll need something to go with all these tops, and that’s where the pants and shorts come in. The shorts share a pattern with the lounge t-shirt/dress, making them a good pairing with those. The pants are a bit simpler. They’re off-white with just a couple of Pikmin logos embroidered on, a drawstring and a back pocket. If you really want to complete your Pikmin pajama look, you will of course need to add these to the ensemble.

There are even more Gelato Pique Pikmin products that weren’t on display at the event, including a blanket, pouches, and even a drinking glass. Fortunately, you can find everything they have to offer via the Gelato Pique online store.

In addition to the clothing displays, there was also a special area for guests to celebrate the launch with a casual Pikmin party. This included multiple Pikmin 4 demo stations, with the largest one making a great place to highlight some tense Dandori Battles. Plus, there was a photo station where attendees were encouraged to adorn themselves with their cutest Pikmin wear.

Next to the entrance was DJ Avera, a local DJ who kept the party going with some very chill beats that played throughout the store. I don’t know if DJing while wearing Pikmin loungewear helped make the music extra relaxing, but it couldn’t have hurt!

Of course, beyond the Gelato Pique items, the Nintendo store had its usual Pikmin merch on display. You can see those items up above, including a sweatshirt, pins, and plant stakes.

As a big Pikmin fan, I only wish there were more merch options available! With the success of Pikmin 4, maybe that dream will come true soon enough. Hopefully, this Gelato Pique collaboration is a sign of more interesting merch partnerships to come.


You probably know after reading through this whether you’re the target audience for Gelato Pique’s Pikmin loungewear. It’s mostly aimed at women, and it’s a bit on the pricy side, but from what I experienced, the quality is definitely there. If you’re a big Pikmin fan and you’re looking to buy some super comfy outfits to sleep or relax in, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

With collaborations like this one, things tend to sell out quickly, and it’s hard to say how long all the items will remain in circulation for. If you’re in New York, head over to the Nintendo store soon so you can check them out in person! Otherwise, you can click here to browse the entire collection online.

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