Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom app has been going strong for a couple of years now, encouraging people to walk with the promise of relaxing Pikmin interactions. This is in sharp contrast to the mainline Pikmin games, which tend to be much more about life and death situations involving ravenous beasts.

In a new interview with Nintendo Life, some of the Pikmin Bloom developers commented on this difference, and explained what they see as two different “universes” between the games.

We’re always discussing ideas of what should be included in the Pikmin Bloom universe, but that kind of topic requires careful consideration. We have our own universe, and Pikmin 4 and the main series has their own too, even though we use the Pikmin IP. Pikmin Bloom is a more peaceful game compared to the originals, you know. Our Pikmin aren’t going to die. laughs That differentiation is always there so we’re always careful with what this experience should be like.

[Rika Nakajima, Nintendo Life]

The devs don’t rule out the idea of adding bulborbs to the game at some point, but it sounds like they won’t be appearing in an adversarial role if and when they do show up. That’s probably for the best, as Pikmin Bloom excels as an exercise app without having to worry about your little friends being eaten.

Click here to read the full interview, in which the devs discuss what might be coming to Pikmin Bloom in the future, as well as its similarities to the Streetpass functionality of the 3DS.

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