Hyperfocus games has just held a ten minute showcase for their game Ultra Pro Wrestling, which is set to launch on Switch for the holiday season of 2024. In addition to the above video, which shows off some in-game footage, as well as the game’s many wrestlers, we got some brand new details to share.

Here’s a handful of juicy tidbits about Ultra Pro Wrestling from the game’s latest official press release:

  • “Ultra Wrestling Engine” was built from the ground up and inspired by mechanics from classic N64 wrestling games
  • Create-A-Wrestler mode allows you to customize your characters with clothing and other items you collect, as well as tweak their individual moves, taunts, animations, and more
  • Competitive online mode will include “UPW Monday Blast”, a weekly live-streamed show featuring commentary and fan feedback
  • Comic artist Hal Haney is illustrating the game’s wrestlers, with over 100 unique designs
  • Legacy Career Mode is the game’s single player campaign. It features an AI-procedural driven experience, allowing you to shape your journey as you see fit across multiple continents and decades. You’ll be able to design merch, hire managers and promoters, join up with tag-team partners, and even become a heel and turn on them.
  • Creation Suite mode lets you design your own championship, including details such as the belt, rules, narrative, and animations. You can also create your own arena, customizing the layout and look of the ring, as well as environmental aspects such as how the crowd engages with the fight.
  • DLC will come in the form of wrestlers for £5 each, which will also give you access to their individual parts for customization. Some of the profits for DLC characters based on actual wrestlers will go directly to the wrestlers themselves.

It sounds like there will be a ton of content for wrestling fans in this one. Check out the video above or click here to view the game’s official web site and learn more.

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