The game development scene has been up in arms in the last 24 hours following news from Unity concerning plans to charge developers per game install. Before we get into the Cult of the Lamb talk, let’s break down what’s going on with Unity.

Starting next year, developers who use Unity to create/release monetized games (meaning games people pay for, and not free-to-play games) will have to pay a fee to Unity per install. This fee will only be applied after a game meets a certain install/revenue threshold. After that threshold is hit, developers will have to pay a fee based on the version of Unity they’re using. There’s a LOT more to the entire situation, but that’s the gist of things.

This news has led to many developers wondering what they’re going to do with their Unity-developed games once the shift happens. One such game would be Cult of the Lamb, and the game’s official X account has told players to “buy Cult of the Lamb now, cause we’re deleting it on Jan 1st. 😘”

Whether this is a tongue-in-cheek joke or an honest response isn’t clear, but we’ll reach out and try to get comment on the matter. Either way, if you’ve been holding off on purchasing Cult of the Lamb, you might want to jump in now just to make sure!

UPDATE: The official TikTok account for Cult of the Lamb has released a video saying their comments about delisting the game from sale were a joke. You can hear them explain the entire situation in the TikTok below.

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9M ago

Surely a false delisting announcement would be some sort of FTC violation, right? That’s basically a form of false advertising. I’d hope no developer would screw with people when they‘re already part of a legitimate industry-wide grievance.

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9M ago

This whole Unity thing seems like a really shitty scam.


9M ago

And there it is. In the midst of a genuine industry scandal a team makes an ass of itself with a Twitter "joke" and transitions the response into promotion for their game. If they had any sense at all then they knew damn well the media would sensationalize a post like that. Developers are legitimately hurting over these changes and the last thing they need is a high-profile target trivializing it on social media.

Rest assured, they won't be paying any "install fees" from me.