Evidence of a successor to Nintendo’s Switch continues to pile up, and the latest comes in the form of a job listing posted online by Nintendo themselves. The job listing seeks a data engineer with skills in the area of machine learning, including “hardware solutions” and “models to fit power, memory, and CPU budgets”.

See below for the job listing’s full description:

We at Nintendo are looking for a Data Engineer to help with integration of machine learning technologies on low-power embedded platforms. You will be working at the intersection of machine learning inference engines and embedded systems, facing challenges that stem from processing and memory constraints and a power budget. Tasks include, but are not limited to, porting of machine learning frameworks to embedded platforms, evaluation and benchmarking of machine learning hardware solutions, selection and optimization of machine learning models to fit power, memory, and CPU budgets.


  • Design, develop and maintain a formal framework for validating and benchmarking machine learning solutions.
  • Perform evaluations of machine learning hardware.
  • Research, evaluate, analyze and optimize machine learning models.

What makes this so very intriguing is that machine learning tech doesn’t really exist on the Switch. Naturally, this has led some to the conclusion that this must be for Nintendo’s follow-up console which has yet to be announced.

As for the actual applications of machine learning, it could be used to enhance the AI in future games. It could also be that Nintendo is simply testing the waters and seeing what’s possible with newer technology. We can’t say for certain, but if you’re a data engineer, you can apply for the job and find out!

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