Publisher Limited Run Games has announced that they’ll be releasing Earthion in the West sometime in 2024. Earthion is a side scrolling shooter game created by Yuzo Koshiro. Koshiro is well known for his composing work on games like The Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage.

Earthion is a true retro throwback, being designed from the ground up for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. However, Limited Run has confirmed that they’ll be bringing it to current gen consoles as well. Specifics have yet to be announced, but a Switch release seems like a pretty safe bet.

For a better idea of what Earthion has to offer, check out Yuzo Koshiro’s tweet below which features some footage of the game being played on a CRT TV. Stay tuned as we wait for more official details on the console version of the game from Limited Run.

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