Publisher room6 and developer Hakaba Bunko have announced that the side-scrolling adventure game Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Deluxe Trilogy is seeing Switch release in Japan on October 19th, 2023. The title is priced at 1,564 yen and includes English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language options

In Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Deluxe Trilogy, retro pixel-art visuals and hard-boiled-style soundtrack set the tone for twists and turns of this unpredictable whodunnit. The investigation is up to you… Are you up to it?

The Executioner Linchpin – What truth hides behind a gruesome series of murders where the victim was beheaded? Detective Wakaido has to find the culprit in this story inspired by Japan in the ’80s and the insurgence of religious cults.

The Bogeyman’s Woods – Who or what is behind the missing people in this small, secluded village? Detective Wakaido has to find the real reason why several villagers have been spirited away in this story with a rural setting.

The Phantom’s Foot – That’s one suspect you never expected to investigate. Detective Wakaido has been accused of a murder. Will he be able to escape capture and prove his innocence? The Weeping Hand Manor – A mansion shut off from the world by a storm. A supernatural presence haunting its halls and terrifying its guests. Detective Wakaido must find the truth about the ghost who is said to attack those who visit the Weeping Hand Manor.

Move around and select people or things that catch your interest. You will be shown various dialog choices that will give you different pieces of information. In turn, this information is stored in your notebook, from which you can use it to further question people about it or examine things in a new light, gaining even more clues.

During the deduction parts, you’ll need to piece together the information you’ve find in the right way to draw conclusions and proceed to the next chapter.

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