Star Ocean: The Second Story R, a remake of the second Star Ocean game, is set to launch November 2nd, though one fan has allegedly received their pre-order from Walmart already. However, this delivery came with an interesting revelation; the game is marked with a “Download Required” box. When pressed in the comments, the user who received the early copy, Casting_Quarters, shared that they had to download 4.1 GB before they could play the upcoming Square Enix title. Twitter user @jahrahnimo_ sums it up quite succinctly:

One would hope that Square Enix would share such information prior to the game’s release, but alas, it seems like they plan on launching the game without any prior announcement of the required download. So, if you plan on purchasing the physical release of Star Ocean: The Second Story R on Switch, just be aware that you’ll seemingly need at least 4.1 GB of free storage space to play it.

Thanks to ArmoredFrog for the heads up!

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8M ago

Had to cancel my pre-order I can not stand this nonsense, this is just greed pure and simple.


8M ago

Maybe we should be happy that this one is even getting a physical while the first one didn't?, I'm still pissed.

the utility man

8M ago

Of course they're not going to inform people, they know that would cost them sales. Pretty scummy thing to do if true.


8M ago


So I just got my copy and downloaded the 1.0.1. update and it was barely 700 MB. Seems like the info about a forced multi GB download was wrong.
Maybe you could update the article to let people know about this?