Nintendo is no stranger to unconventional controllers, but using an actual ocarina to play a game might be beyond even them. And yet, one streamer who goes by gv_mimi is doing just that, having converted their actual ocarina into a controller for use in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Using a program on their computer, gvmimi has mapped notes and frequencies on the ocarina to button inputs in the game. They can therefore control Link by playing the ocarina at different intervals. If you thought the game was challenging in its original form, imagine trying to take on Ganondorf using only your musical skills!

Gvmimi is apparently determined to play through the entire game using this method, and seems to be doing pretty well so far! Click here to check out a clip of the ocarina controller in action, and here for another facing off against the Wind Temple boss. You can also follow the complete journey on their Twitch channel.

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