New breakout indie hit Palworld has been garnering a lot of negative attention as claims of stolen assets and designs from Pokémon flood the internet, and it looks like The Pokémon Company has finally responded. Here’s what they had to say:

We have received many inquiries regarding another company’s game released in January 2024. We have not granted any permission for the use of Pokémon intellectual property or assets in that game. We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to the Pokémon. We will continue to cherish and nurture each and every Pokémon and its world, and work to bring the world together through Pokémon in the future.

[The Pokémon Company]

While there’s technically no confirmation this is specifically about Palworld, it’s almost certainly the case. We’ll be sure to share more information as the story develops.

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6M ago

Well, this will be an interesting saga...and when I say interesting, I mean annoying. I'm just going to enjoy my Pokemon games and not say anything and avoid the vitriol.


6M ago

This might be a long legal battle lol. “You stole” “it’s parody!” Lol


6M ago

I hope The Pokemon Company knows of the Streisand Effect. Because now the 5 million that checked Palworld is going to increase when people hear The Pokemon Company might shut it down.