Way back in 2019, we first learned of the existence of No More Heroes III via the trailer which you can see above. At the start of the trailer, series protagonist Travis Touchdown emerges from his home looking like he’s been recovering from some injuries. He’s wearing a neck brace, has facial hair, and it doesn’t seem like he’s been doing any assassination work as of late.

Until now, Travis’s appearance in this trailer has never really been explained. Fortunately, Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid was finally able to get an answer out of series creator Suda51. According to Suda, Travis was in fact recovering from an attack by another character, Kimmy Howell, which occurred in between No More Heroes 2 and 3. Suda says he meant to mention this detail earlier, but better late than never!

Oh yeah, I meant to mention this in Travis Strikes Again or afterwards, but in the years between that game and No More Heroes 3, Travis got jumped by Kimmy Howell. You know how she was stalking him in No More Heroes 2, and said she’d be back to kill him after she got stronger, before Travis spared her life. Well at some point between those two games, she hit him with a surprise attack, but he got away alive, and was healing up back at the No More Heroes motel. You’re actually the first person from the press to ask me about this.

[Suda51, Destructoid]

When it comes to Suda’s games, there are always more mysteries to solve, some more important than others. At least now, No More Heroes fans can rest easy, knowing this particular mystery is at an end.

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