Pokémon streamer SBCoop recently reported that he had one of his custom Pokémon emotes banned from use on Twitch. The emote in question featured the rock Pokémon Bonsly rolled over and flailing on its back. According to Twitch, this image was in violation for including “imagery of sexual content or nudity. i.e. “Gasm”-style emotes which contain sexualized torsos or bodily fluids; animated images of buttocks.”

Check out the report in question and SBCoop’s reaction below:

SBCoop takes issue with the ban, particularly since this image was taken directly from an official Pokémon card. See for yourself how Bonsly appears on the card the emote originated from:


While this card art was definitely intended to be innocent, you can see how Twitch mods might have perceived the emote as being a bit… suggestive. Still, it was originally published on an official Pokémon card for kids to collect, so it’s hard to imagine their argument against it holding up.

We’ll see if SBCoop fights to have the decision reversed, or if Bonsly emotes will be no more in Twitch chats. I just hope no one makes any suggestive Wiglett emotes any time soon…

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6M ago

This is especially funny news when you've been paying attention to what's gone on at Twitch recently.


6M ago

Have they never seen a plant pot?