Major changes are coming to Dauntless' progression

Weapon and gear progression is getting an overhaul

22 February 2024
by camcritiques 0

On the game’s official site, the team behind Dauntless uploaded a long blog post detailing major overhauls coming to the game’s progression. You can read the full blog post for yourself here.

The team currently plans on giving each weapon unique skills and a new connected ability system in the form of Talents, granting various buffs. Armor is being tweaked to properly rebalance, with it now serving as the only conduit for the game’s cells. Perks are also being tweaked, with them having a set bonus once an activation threshold is met as opposed to growing in power with level.

For all the nitty-gritty details, you can check out the blog post for yourself. If you’re a dedicated player, it’s probably worth a look.

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