Tomorrow, February 27th, 2024, is Pokémon Day. There will be all kinds of fun Pokémon things going on, including a Pokémon Presents video feature that’s sure to include surprises and more. Turns out that’s not all Pokémon Co. has planned for the big day, as they’ve revealed that a major NYC landmark is getting in on the fun.

If you plan on being in or around New York City for Pokémon Day, get ready to check out a spectacular light show. It’s been announced that the Empire State Building will be turning its lights yellow and blue in honor of Pokémon Day! This will be a one-day occurrence, so make sure not to miss out!

If you want to see the lights in person, you’ll want to head to NYC in the evening hours. Specifically, it seems the yellow and blue lights will be turned on just after sunset (roughly 6 PM ET) and they’ll stay active until 2 AM ET. That should give Pokémon fans in the city plenty of time to check them out.

UPDATE: With Pokémon Day come and gone, most of us didn’t have the chance to travel to NYC to check out the Empire State Building’s special lighting. Thankfully, we have the next best thing in video footage. Take a look at the light show in all it’s glory below.

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3M ago

I expect many people to not think about Pokemon when they do this.

"Hey look! That building is yellow and blue... Just like POKEMON!"

Yeah, I thought the same thing.