The latest gaming sales data for Europe have come in, and it gives us a look at how things went down in February of 2024. Let’s kick things off with the top 10 software sales of the month. Please note that Nintendo titles mentioned in the top 10 do not include digital sales, while other titles do.


Next, we have some general info on software and industry-wide sales for the month as well.

  • 16.74 million games were sold across Europe during February
  • this is a rise of 21.2% over the previous February
  • note that February 2024 was a five-week month this year as compared to 4 weeks in 2023

Finally, we have data on the hardware side of things.

  • 474,469 games consoles were sold across Europe in February
  • this is 11% up over the year before, but again this is due to the five week vs four week periods
  • Switch came in second overall, but sales were down 17% year-on-year

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2M ago

Surprised to see Skull and Bones so high on the list! I haven't heard a lot of people talking about that one.