There’s no doubt some of you reading this have a job where you can sneak in some gaming time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you can perform your required tasks and get everything squared away, you go right ahead and enjoy a bit of Switch while things are slow. That said, I think we can all agree that there are some jobs where it’s probably not a good idea to be distracted by videogames, and police officer is definitely one of them.

Over in Japan, an officer at Tenri Police Station has found himself in a bit of hot water for the amount of time he’s been playing Switch while on the clock. A superior at the station kept a close watch on the Nintendo-loving officer when the situation was brought to his attention, and found that the officer in question played Switch 10 times from November to February, amounting to 17 hours of gameplay.

When the higher-up came to tell the officer they were part of an unannounced inspection, it was also found that the officer had left his Switch docked in the break room. The officer regretted neglecting his duties to game, but also stated that they only “played games when there were few incidents.” The officer will have 17 hours of his pay docked to make up for the 17 hours he spent playing Switch while on duty.

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2M ago

I mean if he was playing Ace Attorney then technically he was solving crimes...