A slew of new Monster Hunter themed merchandise is on its way to Japan. Capcom has officially shown off a set of new items that will only be available at an official Capcom Café or online via their Capcom Net Catcher crane game.

There’s a wide variety of merch here, but some of it will only be available for a limited time. Official Capcom Stores in Japan will be offering the complete collection from April 12, 2024, to July 4, 2024, while certain items like a desk mat and acrylic clips will only be available via the online game. See below for details and photos of all the pins, stickers, magnets, and other goodies.

  • “Clear file” 605 yen
  • “Trading acrylic stand keychain A/B” (2 sets/15 types each) 1 piece 880 yen
  • “Trading Mobile Sticker” (30 types in total) 1 piece 550 yen
  • “Trading acrylic magnet” (30 types in total) 770 yen per piece
  • “Masking tape set” 880 yen
  • “Sticky note set A/B” (2 sets in total) 1,100 yen each
  • “Patapata Memo” 880 yen
  • “Neck strap” 1,430 yen
  • “Multi cloth” 550 yen
  • “Pouch” 1,650 yen
  • “Tote bag” 2,860 yen
  • “T-shirt” 3,850 yen
  • “Tumbler” 1,650 yen
  • “Tissue case” 2,420 yen
  • “Pins set A/B/C” (3 sets in total) 7,700 yen each
  • “Trading Acrylic Food Picks” (30 types in total) 550 yen per piece

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