Nami Tentou has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 8-Bit Brigade, a collection of 8-bit style indie games for the Nintendo Switch. The collection would include 10 total games designed as throwbacks to the NES era. The campaign’s goal is for $60,000, and includes the possibility for multiple stretch goals.

Project Overview: “8-Bit Brigade” is not just a collection; it’s an odyssey back to the golden age of NES gaming. Dive into a carefully curated selection of gems, each offering a unique gaming experience:

  • Doodle World: Join Doodle on a crayon-filled quest to save his world from the clutches of King Eraser.
  • Eyra the Crow Maiden: Embrace the role of Eyra, a warrior priestess, as she battles the Infernal Marauder to protect her tribe.
  • KUBO 3: A wonderful NES game developed by a child! Join Kubo in this new adventure that will take you across the world, looking for the sacred crystals in order to free the inhabitants kidnapped by the infamous Moglar.
  • Nessy the Robot: Guide Nessy, a controller-themed robot, through a world filled with zombified robots, secrets, and quirky characters.
  • Ninja I & II: Unleash your inner ninja in thrilling 2-player Quick Time Event (QTE) challenges, featuring diverse mini-games and a magical “Black Box” art style.
  • Orebody Binder’s Tale: An authentic 8-bit run and gun shooter set on the alien world of Orebody, where players control an orphaned battle bot named Binder on a mission to avenge their mentor’s death by confronting their creators in the Floating City of Galvanstad.
  • SkateCat: Meet SkateCat, the adventurous skateboarding feline that’s all about the ride. Join this cool cat as he takes to the streets and skate parks for a thrilling, high-speed adventure. - Recently featured on Game Center CX
  • Space Raft: Embark on a music-infused adventure as you recover stolen master tapes and release the new Space Raft record.
  • Yeah Yeah Beebiss II: Become Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo to defeat evil in 100 levels in this mythical sequel to a legendary unreleased game.
  • HexaWars (Bonus Indie Game / Retro-Inspired): Engage in fast-paced twin-stick shooter action against shape-based foes, testing your skills and resolve. Note: Not an NES game.

Click here to view the campaign page, get more info, and become a backer yourself.

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