NeverAwake 'FLASH BACK' DLC announced for Summer 2024

Just when you thought you could sleep...

06 April 2024
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Phoenixx Games has announced a brand new DLC expansion for their game NeverAwake. NeverAwake is a roguelike twin stick shooter that originally launched on Switch in 2023. The new DLC is called “FLASH BACK”, and it’ll be available sometime this coming summer.

Click here to read more information on FLASH BACK, or you can check out the debut trailer above. More details will also be revealed during Shooters Fes 2024, an online event which is taking place this weekend.

NeverAwake FLASH BACK, a new mode that offers a quick arcade shooter-like challenge! Not only has the game been reborn as a rogue light shooter with a new play feel, but “Gabe-chan”, an important character to the Rem, will be joining the game as a sidekick to protect Rem. In addition, completely new stages and new bosses will be added, as well as long-awaited new accessories!

Rem woke up safely from the nightmare. She was feeling relieved, and was spending her days with a peaceful mind. But then she realized that she was having nightmares every night again…

What could be the cause of these nightmares? Will Rem be able to wake up again from more nightmares?

▼The game rules have been redesigned! Reborn as a rogue light shooting game inspired by the nightmare world of “NeverAwake”!

The basic specifications of “NeverAwake” have been retained, but the style of the game has been changed to a quick arcade shooter style challenge, in which players progress through shuffled stages in a random order, selecting weapons and accessories available between each stage.

▼Many new elements! Gabe-chan joins the game as a sidekick to protect Lem and can now fight together. Completely new stages & bosses, as well as new accessories!

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