Final Fantasy Tactics has been a fan favorite since its initial release on the Playstation in 1997. There’s also a lot of love for 2003’s Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (and its DS sequel), but the series hasn’t seen any real activity since then.

In a new interview with, Final Fantasy producer and director Naoki Yoshida (also known as Yoshi-P) is confronted with the question of whether we’ll ever get another game in the Tactics series. Yoshida’s answer isn’t anything concrete, but it’s certainly positive! Check out what he had to say below:

“We have a lot of our staff who worked on previous games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy 12, so you’re going to have a lot of that [Tactics] feel because a lot of the same people are on the team.”

“We love Tactics as well. It’s probably about time that we do a new one.”

[Naoki Yoshida,]

If anyone at Square Enix has the clout to make a new Final Fantasy Tactics game happen, it’s probably the director and producer on recent titles like Final Fantasy XIV, XVI, and more! Yoshida says that Final Fantasy XVI wouldn’t make a good template for a new Tactics game, so it sounds like a sequel would be something wholly different.

If a Tactics sequel does come to fruition, it probably won’t see the light of day for years. Still, this might be the most positive news fans have received on the possibility in a while. Stay tuned, and keep hope alive!

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