Valley Peaks has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, launching later this year.

In this ribbiting first-person climbing platformer, each mountain is like a puzzle, and it’s your job to make your way to the top of every ridge to place radio towers for the froggy inhabitants of Valley Peaks. Overcome challenges such as crumbling rocks, perilous spikes, moving minecarts, and much more as you strive to complete your mission—all while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city!

Along the way, explore this gorgeous, wholesome mountain paradise while getting to know the amphibian folks who call Valley Peaks home. Join a climbing club and fill up stamp cards to snag some sweet upgrades such as a glider, while earning golden mushrooms to trade with as you strive to complete every mountain route. It’s time to climb!


  • A unique climbing mechanic that tasks you with honing your climbing skills to overcome various obstacles, such as fake rocks, swinging lanterns, and much more.
  • Place all of the radio towers atop these steep peaks while escaping the city for a mountain paradise.
  • Complete climbing routes to fill out stamp cards and earn rewards from the local climbing club.
  • Explore a beautiful and relaxing miniature open world complete with gorgeous backdrops.
  • Unlock an array of gadgets, including a glider to soar around this beautiful world and give your arms a rest.
  • Meet an array of froggy friends, from shop owners to laidback dudes to fellow climbing enthusiasts.
  • Master fun minigames and repair broken machines around the world between climbs.
  • Earn as many golden mushrooms as you can, the currency of choice in Valley Peaks.

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