SteamWorld Heist II comes to Switch August 8th, 2024

Time to get the gang back together

17 April 2024
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SteamWorld Heist II has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. This long awaited sequel to the original 3DS game (which has since been brought to Switch and other platforms) is scheduled for a launch on August 8th, 2024. This side scrolling strategy game will feature a bevy of new options for customization, crafting, and honing your personal pirate crew.

In SteamWorld Heist II, players set off on a humorous and thrilling adventure on the high-seas, taking charge as Captain Leeway alongside a ragtag crew of Steambots. Players will explore vast horizons, above and below, as they set sail to solve the mystery of a deadly water crisis that’s causing metal limbs and mechanical hearts to corrode. SteamWorld Heist II plunges players into a handcrafted world with intense turn-based combat, where bullets ricochet with deadly precision, a hilarious cast and story that’s unique for the strategy genre, and a toe-tappingly catchy musical universe.

“Millions of players have gravitated toward SteamWorld Heist’s unique gameplay and art style, and fallen in love with its original story, characters and music,” said Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, SteamWorld Universe & Franchise Director. “We’re excited to bring our dedicated fanbase on a new adventure with us in SteamWorld Heist II, where players will experience a hilarious expansion of the original set in the high seas.”

Key gameplay features that await players in SteamWorld Heist II include:

Turn-Based Ricochet Gameplay – Command your crew in this turn-based 2D strategy game, setting up trick shots with ricocheting bullets to take out enemies.

New Job System – Customize your crewmates’ abilities and equipment with a new job system that provides a greater level of customization and endless ways to strategize.

Interactive World Map – Explore the high seas between missions by controlling the crew’s submarine in real-time naval combat, uncovering secrets and gathering reputation along the way.

Handcrafted Story & Style - Enjoy the handcrafted art, music and story in an epic new high-seas adventure offering 35+ hours of gameplay.

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