Limited Run Games has announced that they’ll be producing a physical edition of Strayed Lights for the Nintendo Switch. There will be just one standard version of the game priced at $39.99. You’ll be able to pre-order it beginning April 26, 2024, until May 26, 2024.

Click here for more info, and to order the game once pre-orders go live.

Strayed Lights is an immersive action adventure set in a wordless, dreamlike world of corruption and shadows. You are a nascent light on a journey to free yourself from the grasp of shadows surrounding you.

Key Features of Strayed Lights:

Battle endearing creatures deformed by their emotions, shift your colors to repel their attacks. Experience a tightly-crafted cinematic experience through art and emotion, with not a word of dialogue. Explore the fractured lands of Strayed Lights, from luminescent forests to canyons, caves and lands of bewildering mist. Scored to a haunting, atmospheric original soundtrack by Austin Wintory. RESTORE YOUR LIGHT

Play as a newborn flame torn by shadows. Progress in a hostile world on a quest to restore your light by facing your inner demons and helping beings along the way. Unlock new abilities as your light brightens.


Find your siblings who went rogue, each deformed by a specific emotion. Battle these monstrous forms and pacify the emotions that control them. Face your inner demons taken form to hinder your progress.


Face creatures torn by shadow in fluid and rewarding combat. Repel their attacks while shifting between blue and orange to match their color and overcome them in vivid finishers.

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