Square Enix has announced that they’re working on a brand new board game that takes place in the world of Final Fantasy. The game is called Final Fantasy: The Six Moogle Siblings’ Mob Hunt. It’ll be available in demo form at Game Market 2024 Spring, which takes place in Tokyo on April 27, 2024.

The six moogle siblings are a group of moogles from Ivalice, all of which appear in Final Fantasy XII. Square Enix has yet to reveal any major game details, such as how it plays, or what types of components it will include. However, they did share images of some of the in-game cards, which feature a variety of cute moogles and other characters. Check out those cards below, along with some rough translations courtesy of Game Rant:

  • Montblanc: [When the game ends] +2VP on victory
  • Van (a.k.a. Vaan): [Face side] This card can be moved to other fields during your own turn.
  • Morbol (a.k.a. Malboro): [When the game ends] Place a fatigue token on cards with original power of 7 or more when the game ends.
  • Hurdy: [Face side] Draw a card, and then send a card from hand to the bottom of deck.
  • Panelo (a.k.a. Penelo): [When the game ends] Remove all fatigue tokens from your own cards in this field. No more fatigue tokens can be placed in the future.
  • Pylraster: Nullify all [When the game ends] text in cards.

Based on those translations, it sounds like players will be competing for victory points and affecting opponents with fatigue tokens and other special actions. Hopefully, this game will get a localized release at some point. That could be a ways off however, since we don’t even have a release date for the Japanese version yet. Stay tuned, as more details should become available after the Game Market event next week.

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