First trailer released for Neptunia VS Titan Dogoo, gameplay detailed

The motorcycle action game hits Switch this June in Japan

25 April 2024
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Neptunia VS Titan Dogoo was announced earlier this month, but it’s finally received a full trailer showcasing it’s motorcycle action in motion. You can watch it above to get a glimpse of what the next Neptunia game will be like.

Neptunia VS Titan Dogoo takes place in a different world from Gamindustri, where Uzume Tennouboshi and the four goddesses will meet in battle for the Dogoos. This is a competitive action game where you race on motorcyles in order to collect more Dogoos than your opponents. The game is scheduled to launch in Japan on June 27th, and you can read a wealth of new info below.

Various Unique Dogoos

Each stage has unique dogoos. And some exhibit special effects when gathered, such as the “Witch Dogoo” who enhances your jump ability; the “Scale-Up Dogoo” who makes your motorcycle and character gigantic; the “Police Dogoo” who tries to let other dogoos get away; the “Virtual Dogoo” who narrows your field of vision; and so on. Some dogoos have good effects, while others have bad effects. Catch as many as possible to discover each dogoo’s effect!

Use “Compulsion Shots” to Inflict Enemies with Bad Effects

If you gather dogoos with bad effects, it will be harder to gather other dogoos, and it could put you at a disadvantage against enemies. However, by gathering up only dogoos with bad effects, then firing them at the enemy with a “Compulsion Shot,” you can force those bad effects on enemies and turn the situation around in your favor. So if you gathered up dogoos with bad effects, try forcing them on enemies!

Customize Your Ultimate Motorcycle

The motorcycle that the character rides can be customized in appearance and performance by replacing its parts. The performance of parts can be both good and bad. Depending on how you combine parts, however, your motorcycle’s performance will vary. You can choose to focus on the appearance of your motorcycle, or you can aim for peak performance. Customize your ultimate motorcycle to your liking! Parts can be purchased using the BP obtained by clearing stages.

New Playable Character

Adult Neptune (voiced by Rie Tanaka) joins the fray as a playable character.

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