The fun never stops when you’re approaching the lead-up to a new Nintendo console. Today’s set of rumored new details comes courtesy of Mobapad, a Switch accessory manufacturer in Japan. They recently shared an article on their web site featuring multiple details they claim to be true of Nintendo’s Switch successor. Here’s the rundown:

  • Existing Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers will be compatible with the new system, and HD Rumble will still be featured
  • The device will be backwards compatible with original Switch games, but new cartridges will be a different shape/format
  • There will be new Joy-Cons that are larger, and attach to the console magnetically. They’ll also have two new buttons (one on the back, one underneath the home menu button), and metallic SL and SR buttons
  • The dock will output in 4K and use a USB-C port
  • An improved kickstand will provide better support with a damping bracket, allowing for more precise adjustment of the angle when playing in tabletop mode
  • The screen will measure 8 inches with 1080p resolution

As always, none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo, so we can’t take anything here as gospel. Mobapad is a legitimate accessory manufacturer, so if a new console is coming soon, it would make sense for them to have access to new information. On the other hand, Nintendo certainly wouldn’t want them to share that info ahead of schedule, so if these details are real, there’s certainly a question as to why Mobapad would decide to make them public.

This most likely won’t be the last set of rumors to come out about a new Nintendo console before it’s officially unveiled. Let’s wait and see which ones turn out to be true!

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2M ago

This is the strangest source yet, in my opinion. On one hand, why would an accessory company post this information if they had it already? It would be such a strange, self sabotaging move.

But at the same time, what would they gain from making stuff up? I suppose you could argue that with so many third party Switch controllers, I've never heard of Mobapad and now I have, but that would be such an unnecessarily bold move to attempt.

Either way, this is such a bizarre gamble.


2M ago


It is strange, but GameShark "leaked" the Switch successors release window before then clarifying they had no basis for that info.

Strange stuff happens.


2M ago

Well, if it's true it seems like pretty good news. I'd especially love for all that compatibility stuff to be true. Then I don't have to buy so many Pro controllers (but I probably will get a few if they have improved D-pads).

And being able to play Switch games on Switch 2 would certainly be a nice feature.


2M ago

All good except no OLED display and magnetic controller attachment sounds bad, because if they are gonna be strong enough to not fall off when you move around and stuff then they are gonna have to be strong enough where you can hurt yourself if you get pinched...