RUMOR: Theaters may have their hands on a trailer for the third Sonic movie

We could be seeing the film in motion very soon

30 April 2024
by camcritiques 0

Fans have been left waiting to see the next Sonic film in action for a while, but that wait may be coming to an end. While nothing super concrete has popped up, Twitter user Cineunfold, who’s shared a few correct tidbits about films such as Deadpool & Wolverine in the past, has shared that they’ve heard theaters already have their hands on the unreleased trailer.

Fans have been speculating that a trailer may release soon, as Paramount has announced some secret panels they’ll be hosting at the upcoming CCXP Mexico festival from May 3rd-5th.

While nothing is definitive, fans can only hope that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Regardless, we should be seeing something soon, with the film hitting theaters in December of this year.

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