A live action Legend of Zelda movie is officially in the works, with the project being helmed by director Wes Ball. Before that movie gets rolling however, Ball still has to promote his upcoming film Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. That’s why he took part in a Reddit AMA this week.

Now, Ball insisted that he couldn’t say anything about the Legend of Zelda movie just yet, but that didn’t stop some Redditors from trying. Predictably, nothing major was revealed here, but Ball did share some of his thoughts and feelings about the project.

Below, check out the highlights of Zelda-adjacent questions from Reddit users along with Ball’s replies:

bz667: How the legend of zelda movie is going?

Ball: I know I’m gonna get a ton of Zelda questions. Sorry to disappoint, but I can’t say anything about it for now… Just that I love Zelda and I’ll work my ass off to make something great for us.

Zfancyman14: What lessons learned from Apes will you carry with you to Zelda?

Ball: Keep the money on the screen. Be ambitious. Be confident in the talent around you. Try to do something great.

AgentSkidMarks: Has your work on Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes given you any experience or inspiration that you think will help you with the upcoming Zelda movie?

Ball: Of course. You learn stuff on every movie you make. I learned a TON on this film.

Fine_Land_1974: If the film does well, are there plans in place to extend the series?

Ball: Yes. We’d love to continue with the story and characters.

OnePassenger4597: Will john cena play navi in the zelda movie?

Ball: You never know.

[Reddit AMA]

Okay, so that last comment was most likely tongue in cheek, but stranger things have happened… Ball also refused to comment on which Zelda games were his favorite, seemingly in an effort to avoid giving away which games the upcoming film might take inspiration from.

Click here to read through the full AMA for yourself, and see if there are any other details you can glean about Ball’s filmmaking style, or what he might be bringing to the Zelda movie.


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