Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s most popular mascots, and yet, we haven’t had a brand new Donkey Kong platformer since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in 2014. One possible reason we haven’t seen any movement on this front, is that there was a Donkey Kong game in the works from developer Vicarious Visions, but it was canceled. However, there’s never been any confirmation on this front one way or the other.

In a new deep dive video from Did You Know Gaming, they examine all the possible angles of this rumored Donkey Kong game. According to at least one source, it was a 3D platformer known as Donkey Kong Freedom, which included Pauline as a playable character. Vicarious Visions was the game’s original developer, but it was eventually given to Nintendo EPD in 2018, and hasn’t been heard of since.

Did You Know Gaming managed to get a hold of multiple Vicarious Visions employees who were able to confirm that a Donkey Kong project of some kind was once in the works with the developer. That said, the details may not be the same as what was reported online. To get the full story, you’ll need to watch the above video, which also includes a section on Activision Blizzard and some of their other cancelled projects.

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