The launch trailer has been shared for Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2, the upcoming voxel-based entry in the popular Earth Defense Force franchise. You can watch the 18-second trailer above to see it in action, or just play it for yourself starting tomorrow. Along with that is a trailer that shows off some of the many vehicles you’ll be able to pilot in the game. You can find that trailer below.

In Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2, players will have to fight off the Gaiark, monsters who come pouring out from inside the planet. This puts the future of Earth in great danger, and you’ll have control one of four new classes from Earth Defense Force 6 in order to save the planet. You can fight to restore peace to a voxel Earth when the game launches in the west this September, or in Asia, complete with English language support, on May 23rd.

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It's worth noting the official US/EU release isn't until September 25th