In the wake of his newly released book, former Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aimé is making yet another appearance to talk business and the games industry. This time the conversation takes place on Yahoo Finance. Reggie answers questions concerning business owners’ struggles, supply chain issues, and even the Metaverse. See below for a summary of the questions and Reggie’s thoughts.

What words of wisdom Reggie would offer CEOs right now:

Focus on your vision. Focus on the key drivers that you’re looking to push forward in your business, and don’t lose sight of that. Despite all of the noise… you really need to focus on your North Star and drive your organization there. This is the time to take out unnecessary costs and to really make sure that you’re well positioned as all of these pressures begin to ease.

Reggie’s business advice specifically for the gaming industry vs. other industries:

What has historically driven that industry has been innovation. Innovation in gameplay, innovation in content, innovation in delivering that content to consumers in new and different ways. And so, for the gaming sector, the focus has to continue being delivering that innovation.

Certainly the platform holders are struggling with supply chain issues… That has to be another key area focus. Making sure we can get all these devices into the hands of the consumer.

Who Reggie thinks is currently winning the “innovation race”:

One I would call out is FromSoftware. They’ve got a game called Elden Ring that is dominating the popular conversation. They’ve sold just a tremendous number of copies of that software. They are an example of a company that has stayed true to what they are.

I think Epic is doing a fantastic job with the work that they’re doing both in providing development engines to other content makers, as well as the great work that they’re doing with Fortnite.

There’s a lot of great companies doing wonderful work. They tend to be the ones who are driving innovation out in the marketplace.

On the Metaverse and whether or not it will appeal to gamers:

I describe it as a space that is immersive and interactive. A space that has the ability to be modified, but can still be persistent. So imagine walking on the sand and seeing other footprints. That’s an example of where you’re able to modify an environment but it’s persistent. You’ve seen what other people have done. You’ve got your digital identifer that you make out to be quite different than somebody else’s modifier.

These are all things that gamers take for granted. These are all things that are existing in a number of gaming environments today. I do believe that this vision is something that we’re all marching to. I do believe that it’s going to be led by gaming companies. And I do believe that if delivered in a way that is fun, that’s compelling, I do think it’s an experience that people will want to have.

Reggie continues to be someone to look up to in the business world, whether you work specifically with video games or not. You can watch his appearance in full over at Yahoo Finance.

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