Zelda: TotK mod lets you play in first-person

See through Link's eyes

29 June 2024
by quence 2

If you’ve already poured hundreds of hours into The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, maybe it’s time to switch things up with a fresh perspective. That’s the thinking behind a fan-made mod for the game which allows you to swap the traditional 3rd person view for a 1st person one.

This mod was created by MaxLastBreath, a modder who is known for having made a Tears of the Kingdom optimizer mod previously. The mod has a number of camera manipulation features, including one which allows the player to experience the entirety of the game from Link’s point of view. Using it, players can see Link’s arms and hands as he manipulates swords, shields, arrows, and even his Ultra Hand ability.

How well you think a first-person Zelda game would turn out? If you want a glimpse of this mod in action, check out the brief TikTok video below from @knightpohtaytoe.

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13d ago

*looks at video*



12d ago

It looks pretty cool, I wouldn't want to play the game like that though.