Star Hearts: Launch Point is now being funded on Kickstarter. This is an 8-bit action adventure game from developer Arcap Creative that’s heavily inspired by NES classics. Once funded, the game is planned for release on Windows and Mac in fall 2023, while a Nintendo Switch release would be a dependent on reaching a stretch goal later during the campaign. See below for more information regarding the premise of the game and its numerous Nintendo influences.

Star Hearts: Launch Point is a dynamic 2D action adventure that pairs vibrant, 8-bit nostalgia in classic NES-fashion with intense action at up to 144 frames per second! Journey to the galaxy’s edge and discover the origins of Prin - an interstellar revolutionary in the making - as she embarks upon her first space-faring adventure. Explore uncharted planetoids, vaporize alien predators, and master challenging gameplay as you uncover the secrets of the Manifest Company’s intergalactic investments and awaken the powers burgeoning within.


Visually reminiscent of classics like Mega Man and Super Mario Bros., Star Hearts: Launch Point was created with a level of authenticity that honors the time and effort it took to animate movement in our favorite NES titles. Working within the NES color palette and enforcing our own color count limitations, every pixel and every frame has been intentionally hand placed to create creatures, characters, and detailed environments worth exploring, and free from the rotation, scaling, and bone rigging that often assists modeling in modern games.

With a $25,000 goal, the game has yet to be fully funded at the time of this post. Click over to the Kickstarter campaign page to see it for yourself and decide whether you’d like to become a backer. A digital copy of Star Points: Launch Point is available at the $15 tier.

Thanks to Chad for the heads up!

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