Depending on how closely you follow games, you may or may not have heard of developer Aggro Crab. The company previously released Going Under, a satirical dungeon crawler that was a bit hit with critics, but struggled to find a sizable audience. Aggro Crab is now looking to rebound from that tough situation with Another Crab’s Treasure, and they’re hoping the shift in genre will lead to bigger things.

In an interview with Kotaku, Aggro Crab dev Caelan Pollock opened up about Another Crab’s Treasure, and in particular, the ‘selling out’ line that was uttered in the game’s announcement video.

“‘Selling out’ is said jokingly in our announcement video, but we really do hope this game can become more mainstream and bring new fans into the fold. When I say ‘mainstream’ I mostly just mean it’s what’s hot right now! Elden Ring successfully brought a TON of new attention to the genre, both in the form of new players and many folks who would love to play but are held back by its difficulty or oppressive atmosphere.”

[Caelan Pollock]

Every developer hopes their next project becomes a big hit, and the buzz for Another Crab’s Treasure certainly indicates that the game is off to a good start. Hopefully the game can end up being bigger than Going Under, which wasn’t a failure by any means, but it didn’t quite reach the audience Aggro Crab was hoping for. This is why the team cancelled DLC for that project and moved on to Another Crab’s Treasure.

“I wanna recognize that even having a funded and released game, not to mention that game doing well enough to propel us into a second project, puts us well amongst the luckiest 5% of indie devs. We had to move to the next big thing if we wanted to keep the lights on, and we really do hope it’ll be the next big thing. Another Crab’s Treasure is a huge step up in ambition from Going Under, and we want to prove that Aggro Crab is capable of growing beyond our niche and creating a game with real reach.”

Another Crab’s Treasure getting a reveal during an Indie World Showcase was definitely a great way to get some eyes on the title, and the idea seems to resonate with many players out there. Hopefully this wave of hype can be ridden all the way to the game’s release in 2023.


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2y ago

I just finished Going Under right before they revealed their new game and it looks alright. I'd be interested in trying out a demo. Going Under was okay. Not really a genre I play too much of but I was always curious to try the game out because of the colorful art style and setting. The physical release convinced me to buy it.


2y ago

The game.... looks fun