According to Twitter account NinStatusBot, a bot which tracks the status of Nintendo’s servers, maintenance has been scheduled for both the NES and SNES apps for Nintendo Switch Online.

Last time this bot reported on similar maintenance, we saw the release of titles like Earthworm Jim 2 and Dig Dug II. It’s totally possible that this maintenance is for something else entirely, but fans of retro games may want to keep their eyes peeled on Friday.

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1+ y ago

Hoping for Panic Restaurant

I could go for Panic Restaurant along with

Startropics 2
Adventure Island games
Kickle Cubicle
Power Blade
Shatter Hand

Spike McFang
Wario Woods
Super Adventure Island
Run Saber
Illusion of Gia
Sky Blazer
Soul Blazer
Secret of Evermore
Mystical Ninja

I second that Mystical Ninja. Probably the best game I rented on SNES but never bought.


1+ y ago


i owned it i remember picking it up from Funcoland...i regret everyday selling off my old school stuff years ago.

Me too. I've been slowly buying my childhood back.