Pikmin Bloom adds "Ticket" Decor Pikmin

Get them at your nearest train station

31 May 2022
by camcritiques 1

Starting today, Pikmin Bloom players will be able to discover a new Pikmin type.

While out and about, you might happen upon a “Ticket” Decor Pikmin. These Pikmin can be discovered at train stations around the world. They’ll be holding tickets with the name of the train station you found them at on them, as well as the date you discovered their sapling.

In order for the “Ticket” Decor Pikmin to be displayed correctly, make sure your app is updated to v45 or later.

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2y ago

Neat, along with all the colors of all the letters, this makes the game even more impossible to 100%, makes the game slightly cooler though and gets way more longevity (assuming the game doesnt shut down, not sure the coinboxes warrants many purchases, ive got enough coins for 2 boxes (took 9 months or so to get...). But I see no reason to get them, especially since you apparently have to use the radars before you use the daily free radar.